We offer you a real warranty that you can rely on. We have sourced the best products that offer you the warranties you’d expect on all full post sale hardware items purchased from our store. Unlike many competitors who typically offer a 1-year warranty, our warranty periods are usually multiyear and as long as lifetime on some products.
It is important to note that the warranty does not include the restoration of your items configuration. It is extremely important to backup your device’s configuration so that in the event of a failure the process to restore your security system’s operation. If this seems too complicated please contact us on 07 3255 6600 and we’ll gladly assist you with advice as to how to do this.

How to have your faulty product fixed or replaced

If you experience a problem with any product purchased from DigitalSi, please contact our service department on 07 3255 6600. It is wise to contact us by phone before returning the product in case we can resolve the issue over the phone.
When you return a suspected faulty product to us, we will test it for the fault described. It is important you provide us a detailed and accurate description of the fault to let us replicate the problem. In cases where no fault is found, we may charge you for diagnostic work to cover our cost.
Where a product is confirmed to be faulty, we may repair, replace, or refund the product depending on the circumstances. We maintain considerable “buffer” stock in our warehouse so we can immediately replace most item with a similar or identical item. Under some situations we may need to send your product back to the manufacturer for repair and in those cases we may not be able to provide you with an immediate replacement.
Hardware compatibility problems are common in the security industry. This is where various products are not faulty but may not work well together. If you are affected by this circumstance we will attempt to identify and resolve your issue as a matter of courtesy by offering an alternative product to avoid the compatibility problem. Depending on the condition and age of the product to be returned, we may need to apply a restocking fee to cover some of our costs.

Shipping and on-site warranty

Our warranties are typically return to base, where you are responsible for returning the faulty product to us and to pay shipping costs where necessary. In most cases if you ship a faulty product back to us we will be happy to pay costs for shipping of the replacement product back to you.
In cases where DigitalSi have installed the product, DigitalSi will cover all costs in the first year. This includes labour, hardware and travel time. After the first year, labour and service costs will be charged until the product has exceeded its warranty period.
There are some scenarios where DigitalSi is not liable to absorb the full labour and hardware costs. If the product has been damaged through no fault of DigitalSi then additional costs may incur.
If services provided by third parties are required these would be also be on charged to the client. An example would be: A client requires a camera to be installed onto a wall 8m high, because of this height regular ladders would not be appropriate. Therefore, a scissor lift will need to be hired.
After 9 months the camera has a fault of some kind and needs to be replaced. To replace the camera a scissor lift is hired and this cost would be on charged to the client.

Warranty Periods:

For more specific warranty periods please navigate to the item on our website and the check the warranty period.