Payment Options

Payment options include:

1. Cash as in folding notes; our favourite but only really useful if you are collecting your order from our store.

2. EFTPOS Note that most EFTPOS accounts have a maximum withdrawal limit of $800 to $1000 per day; you must turn up to our store in person to swipe your EFTPOS card.

3. Bank Cheque from any major bank. Please also bring photo ID. If you are mailing the bank cheque we must wait until the funds are cleared before releasing the goods.

4. PayPal. Payments via PayPal attract a 1% Surcharge. Orders paid by PayPal can only be delivered to and signed for by the PayPal account holder.

5. Direct Deposit. After we confirm your order, you simply deposit the amount into our bank account and keep the bank receipt. You can do this from any bank or by using internet banking. Please inform us before you credit our account so that we can include freight (if any)

For the direct deposit, our account details are:

DigitalSI Pty Ltd
BSB: 014202
Account: 497864153
Reference: As per Invoice

Please ensure that you include the order number to ensure that your order is not delayed due to difficulty in correctly assigning your payment to your order.

We will release your order for dispatch or collection once payment is confirmed by our bank. Note that while most deposits show up over night, the Australian banking system can take up to 3 days to transfer deposits between some financial institutions.