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Never Alone NA07W 3G GPS Smart Emergency Location Device

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Never Alone NA07W 3G GPS Smart Emergency Location Device for the elderly, disabled or loneworker.
Manufacturer PN: MCM-NA07W
Warranty: 1 Year
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High Performance and High Sensitivity 3G GPS Smart Personal Emergency Location

NA07W The NEVERalone ™ is a small emergency pendant device. A user can press the emergency button on the device if feeling under duress or needing help. An emergency message
together with location data can be sent to the Monitoring Centre. The Monitoring Centre can call back into the device to verify the type of response needed.
The device can be setup for one way or two way hands free voice communications. Inbuilt motion sensors can also be used for fall detection.

3G(WCDMA) network
Small size 3G personal GPS tracker
Safety alerts, SOS button, Geo safe zone, No Movement alert &Fall detection
Two-way calling
With built in MIC and speaker, two-way calling to talk anytime
GPS Tracking
Real time location and monitoring, High GPS Accuracy and AGPS support.
Easy Charging: A docking station provides an alternative method to charge and makes it a lot quicker and easy to use for elderly.
Portable Design
Compact size and easy to use, the weight is only 40g.
Water resistance, follows the IPX5 standard