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Inner Range OSDP to Wiegand Converter

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Inner Range OSDP to Wiegand Converter
Manufacturer PN: 994200
Warranty: 2 Year
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Inner Range OSDP to Wiegand Converter 0

PCB Size: 85(L) x 35(W) x 15(D) (mm) Included connectors
Mounting Method: Within a secure location - can be mounted using velcro strips
Installation Environment: 0º to 65º Celsius. 15-85% Relative humidity (non-condensing)
Reader Protocols
Device Communications: OSDP, SIFER & Wiegand
OSDP Port: 4 pin connector +V, 0v, A, B
Wiegand Reader: 4 pin connector D0, D1, +V, 0
Wiegand LED & Beeper: 3 pin connector Invalid LED, Valid LED, Beeper
Port 0: 5 pin connector to suit Port 0 cable (996030USB)
Reader Security
OSDP Communications Bus: 128bit AES encryption
Device Configuration
Configurable options include: RS-485 OSDP Baud Rate, Wiegand bit length, OSDP reader primary LED colour,
OSDP reader 2nd LED colour, SIFER reader LED brightness,
SIFER reader speaker volume
Power Requirements
Input: 11-14V DC
Current Consumption: Idle 20mA - Peak 35mA (Not including any connected readers, LEDS or beepers)