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Inner Range Integriti Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM)

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The Integriti Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM) can be used to control and monitor up to 2 doors on the Integriti RS-485 LAN, or alternatively via IP using LAN over Ethernet modules. The SLAM offers a complete suite of programmable options to provide advanced high security access control, security area control and door alarm monitoring functions. Cached functionality is also provided via the on board database to provide offline access control operation for up to 2,000 user cards if communications to the master controller are lost. Cache expiry time for the module can be configured with expiry times ranging from 1 hour to 4 months. In addition, each user has an option to be stored permanently within the modules cache, particularly useful for situations where senior staff may need guaranteed access if the module is offline.
Manufacturer PN: IR-996012PCB&K
Warranty: 2 Year
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Inner Range Integriti Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM) 0

Enclosure Options: Small - 995200PEI Series - 252(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm) (with 2Amp PSU - houses 1 SLAM)
Medium - 995201PEI Series - 460(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm) (with 3Amp SMART PSU - houses up to 3 SLAM’s)
XLarge - 995203PEI Series - 702(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm) (with 3Amp PSU - houses up to 5 SLAM’s)*
XLarge - 995203PE8 Series - 702(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm) (with 8Amp PSU - houses up to 5 SLAM’s)
WideBody - 995204PE8 Series - 580(L) x 510(W) x 95(D) (mm) (with 8Amp PSU houses up to 6 SLAM’s)
Rack Mount - 995220PEI Series - 2RU 680(L) x 420(W) x 85(D) (mm) (with 3Amp PSU - houses up to 4 SLAM’s)*
PCB Size Code: Integriti “B” size
PCB Dimensions: 200(L) x 94(W) x 45(D) (mm)
Weight: 8.2 k.g. (Based on medium enclosure, mains transformer, 7AH battery and cover)
Installation Environment: 0ºC - 70ºC @15% - 90% Relative humidity (non-condensing)
Electrical (For PCB Only)
Power Supply Input: 11V to 14VDC
Current Consumption: 110mA standby. 175mA with lock relays on
NOTE: Current consumption does not include the current required by readers or other external devices such as locks, buzzers, lamps or any device attached to the DOTL, Valid, Invalid and RS-485 Reader connections
Over Current Protection: Reader +V connections. Protected with self-resetting PTC’s
Contact Ratings
Lock Relays: 5 Amps @ 30VDC
DOTL Relays: 1 Amp @ 30VDC (Door Open Too Long output)
Lock 1 & 2: Includes Lock+, Lock-, NO/COM/NC
Door 1 & 2: Includes Reed, 2 x 0v, Tongue, REN, REX, DOTL contacts
Wiegand Reader 1 & 2: Includes Valid, Invalid, 0V, Reader+, D1, D0, ARM
Lock Power: Includes Lock+, Lock- connections from external PSU
Cabinet Tamper: 2 pin connection for cabinet tamper switch
RS-485 LAN: 1, Includes LAN+, LAN-, A, B. (LAN addressing set via DIP switches)
RS-485 Reader Port: 1 (allows up to 4 Inner Range SIFER or OSDP compatible readers to be connected via RS-485 multi-drop LAN)
External Power Supply Monitoring (Compatible with Inner Range 3 & 8Amp SMART PSU’s)
AC Fail: External PS AC Fail
Low Battery: External PS Low Battery
LAN Fuse: External PS LAN Fuse
Detector Fuse: External PS Detector Fuse
Low Volts: External PS Low Volts
PSU Fail: External PS Fail