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Inner Range EliteX LCD Keypad

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Inner Range EliteX LCD Keypad
Manufacturer PN: IR-995400
Warranty: 2 Year
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Inner Range EliteX LCD Keypad 0

Specifications Physical Housing Dimensions: 152(H) x 90(W) x 18(D) (mm) Installation Environment: 0° - 50°C @ 15% to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing) Electrical Input Voltage: 11V – 14V DC Operational Current at 13.7V DC: 14.4mA (Back-light & LEDS off), 42mA (Back-light & LEDS max brightness) Operations Current @ 13.7V DC SIFER Model: 46mA (Back-light & LEDS off), 186mA (Peak, Back-light & LEDS max brightness) Auxiliary Open Collector Output Current: 18VDC, 500mA maximum each (PTC protected) Display & Indicator Brightness Display/ Keypad: Variable brightness via programming (Can be turned off) LED Indicators: Variable brightness via programming Indicators & I/O’s LED Indicators: 8 Aux Outputs (Open collector): 2 Universal I/O’s: 2 (Input mode is compatible with original Elite, or EOL/Multi-state compatible) Compliance Electrical