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Bosch CM760B Real Time Clock Module To Suit 6000 Panel

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Accuracy better than =/- 2 minutes / calendar year. Simple RS485 LAN connection to control panel. Local low battery fault indicator and dedicated tamper input. LAN monitored, encrypted data and anti-substitution. Service keypad connection point included
Manufacturer PN: CM760B
Warranty: 3 Year
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Power Requirements  
Operating Voltage 10.5V DC – 14.0V DC @ 50mA Stand-by
Battery Type 3V Lithilum button cell type (CR2032 size)
Battery Life Approx 3 Years
Module Connection (RS485 LAN) Max total LAN length using multi-strand security cable = 300mMax total LAN Length using 2 pair twisted shielded data cable (Belden 8723) – 1200mSee manual for complete wiring instructions.
Inputs Cabinet tamper
Fixing method The CM760 can be mounted in the MW700, Mw710, MW720 or MW730 enclosures using clip in PCB mounts supplied
Accuracy Better than +/- 2 minutes per calendar year
Environmental Considerations  
Temperature 0° to 55°C 
Humidity 5 % to 85 % at 30°C non condensing
Dimensions 115(W) x 86(D) x 30(H)mm
Warranty: 3 years