‘As a business owner; your lively hood relies on your premises being safe. You need a high definition, surveillance security camera that keeps watch over your business when you need it most.’

High Definition Security Cameras That Protect Your Business 24/7

We offer you the latest high definition HD-SDI and IP security cameras.

We know that you want a security camera that you can rely on when you need it most. Our range of high definition security cameras delivers up to 20x better image quality over analogue cameras. Our 1536p and 1080p camera range can stream up to real time 25 frames per second which means better clarity of picture.
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A Range Of Security Camera Features To Suit Your Business

Not all security cameras are created equal, our range of digital security cameras provide your business with the following key features;

  • Power over Ethernet which means powering the camera from the network switch (IP cameras only)
  • Wide Dynamic Range function which assists with backlight, shadow and glare problems
  • True Day / Night function employing mechanical filter which means better image focus and sharpness in low light environments
  • Sense Up 60x in night mode to assist in low light environments
  • 3x auto focus lenses (HD-SDI Cameras)
  • Patented Move & Leave focus adjustment for great fine focusing. Patent # 10-1056075
  • Sensor input and alarm output which means third party hardware integration (IP Cameras only)
  • 2048 x 1536p/ 1920 x 1080p Full HD & 1280 x 1024p/ 1280 x 720p HD resolution @ 25 frames per second real time streaming
  • Employs the H.264 algorithm best known as one of the codec standards for Blu-ray discs (IP cameras only)
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction to assist with elimination of visual noise in low light environments
  • Low Light Sensitivity 0.0002 Lux @ F1.2 50IRE
  • 3 Year Warranty which means if your security camera fails we’ll replace it no questions asked

Technical Security Camera Support For Your Business

We offer you our technical security camera support services for when you need it most and for the life of the product. Our service technicians are based in Australia and capable of handling any technical security camera questions you might have. From setting up remote connectivity to reducing your security camera downtime, our technical team is here to help you. Contact Us for more information today.

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With 20 x better security camera image quality over standard analogue, we’ve got the right high definition security camera system for your business. Contact Us for a free security audit of your business.

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