Fraudulent slip and fall cases are on the increase, no longer limited to major shopping centres.

Small businesses such as newsagencies, pharmacies and local convenience store fraud as an example are on the increase due to their limited camera surveillance systems.

In a recent US study, “Slip & Fall” claims increased 12% in the last year across 5 different states.

This increase may be attributed to desperation associated to the GFC however not proven; this statistic is a worrying trend as the criminal community look for increasingly innovative ways to make claims against small businesses.

Productivity Improvement

As operational demand for small business owners increases across all facets of business; often staff management does not get the full attention of the owner.

As such, staff productivity may decrease due to limited presence of the owner. With the advent of High Definition CCTV, owners can now feel confident that they can maintain control of their business whilst being remote or working on other areas of their business.

Advancements of technology also now allow remote management via tablets and smart phones.

Crime Prevention

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a mandatory tool for establishments, security management and loss prevention.

Highly visible cameras covering vulnerable areas of your premises reduces the opportunity to commit crime, both from external and internal sources.