Why choose Bosch for your home alarm system

Posted by Corbin on May 25, 2021

If you’ve been shopping around for a new home alarm system, you’ve probably come across Bosch. You may be wondering if a Bosch home alarm system is right for you. Here at DigitalSi, we are so confident in Bosch, that they are the only alarm system that we install in all our jobs. Whether they be simple installations at home or extensive projects, we always use Bosch. Following are some of the reasons why we use Bosch:

TECHNOLOGY One of the reasons we recommend you get a Bosch home alarm is because of their award-winning technology. Based on this technology, their integrated security solution has exceptional support and can effortlessly integrate with any existing security measures you may already have in place.

ONE SYSTEM Another reason to choose a Bosch home alarm is because it is one system. This makes for hassle free learning, use and maintenance of the system. One system also means you win the money department. It makes the cost of installation and maintenance lower than many other systems.

NO FALSE TRIGGERS Along with their award- winning technology, Bosch also has advanced sensors. These sensors can help to distinguish between irregularities and common potential triggers such as pets, moving objects and strong drafts. This means that the probability of false triggers occurring are highly unlikely. So, you won’t get an alarm going off every time the cat or dog wanders through the living room.

We’ve installed many Bosch home alarms across Queensland resulting in many happy customers. If you would like to enquire about Bosch home alarm systems for yourself, give our friendly team a call to answer any further questions.