What is a TF Card?

Posted by Max on August 19, 2021

TF and SD cards are commonly used memory cards for small electronic devices. Yet most of us have heard about an SD card but usually not a TF card. Following we will be discussing what a TF card is, what they’re typically used forand their advantages?</p>


A TFcard is a TransFlash card, more commonly known as a micro-SD card. It is an extremely small card;in fact, it is the smallest memory card currently available. It’s4 times smaller than a regular SD cardor around the size of a pinkie fingernail. It uses the latest in NAND MLC technology as well as controller technology from SanDisk.


TF cards aremost used in mobile phones. However, they can be used for a variety of different electronic devices. They’re extremely small size is making them increasingly popular to be used in GPS devices, flash memory disks, portable music players and surveillance cameras.


When compared with an SD card from the same brand and of the same capacity and reading and writing speed, a TF card will usually be considerably cheaper. A TF card can also be converted into an SD with an adapter, where an SD card cannot be converted into aTF card.

We here at Digital Si have the DS-UTF32G-H1 32GB Surveillance Certified Micro TF card from Hikvision available. This TF card was created by Hikvision to be surveillance certified, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your surveillance footage will be recorded properly.

If you have been seeking a reliable, high performance memory card for your surveillance cameras, a TF is an excellent choice. Jump on our website today to order or call one of the friendly DigitalSi team members for any other questions regarding TF cards.