Top 10 Benefits of High Definition Surveillance over Traditional Analogue CCTV

The Surveillance Market globally has ‘tipped’ from traditional analogue CCTV to high definition cameras.

‘In the last year, for new projects in the US and Europe, it has become clear that IP camera sales are outpacing analogue sales, a similar trend now being seen in Australia. Among enterprise projects, IP’s predominance is almost shocking with more than 75% of new projects going with IP.’

  1. Resolution: An analogue camera of 600 TV Lines (TVL) equates to about 0.4 Mega Pixels (MP), whereas a standard IP camera of 1.3 MP, can give over 5 times that resolution.
  2. Remote Access: You can login to a secure server remotely, using a web-based interface, to view cameras on PCs or Macs, as well as mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Programs such as LogMeInRescue also allow for remote support and end-user training.
  3. Analytics: The dramatic improvements in hardware have been matched by powerful Analytics Software. Video Management Systems (VMS) can be combined with built in software to allow for applications such as people counting and motion tracking.
  4. Power-over-Ethernet: IP cameras utilise Ethernet cables which allow for Power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning only one cable per camera is required, to carry both power and data. It is also possible to install a device which can allow both IP data and PoE over traditional analogue coax cable.
  5. Hybrid: Hybrid DVRs and NVRs, allows existing CCTV cameras as an option to be incorporated into the HD system. This can significantly reduce the initial costs, and allow a phased approach towards a complete HD Surveillance solution.
  6. Wireless: Should it be impossible to get cable to your camera location, an option of wireless networks are available. (IP Only)
  7. Scalability: Milestone IP camera licensing allows upgrading to a higher camera capacity system simple.
  8. Redundancy: As an option it is possible to install an external redundant array of independent discs (RAID) to store your evidence with absolute certainty for mission critical environments.
  9. Lossless Playback: Footage can be reviewed in search mode with no degradation of the image. This alleviates a common problem with analogue systems, where high levels of compression can often leave the image grainy and pixellated.
  10. Ease of Use: DigitalSi DVRs and NVRs are simple to use and navigate.

Top 5 Benefits of CCTV

  1. An Effective Deterrent of Criminal intent such as shoplifting and robbery
  2. A tool to monitor staff productivity
  3. Unarguable tool for collation of evidence of events
  4. Reduces Liability Claims
  5. Improves staff morale by reducing the fear of crime