Who is DigitalSi

DigitalSi are one of Australia’s leading digital security system retailers that provide affordable, yet quality solutions for their customers.

Proudly stamped with the DigitalSi brand, for the past nine years we have manufactured and sold our exclusive CCTV products that not only feature the latest technology, but are only produced in Korea to ensure their quality.

CCTV has been proven to be the most cost effective method for crime prevention and detection. It is also a great tool to manage public liability and employee productivity. Solutions can be individually tailored to meet your business, home, or organisation’s specific needs and budget.

Driven by a passion for security which stems back to the early 90s when he was a locksmith apprentice, DigitalSi founder Karl August thrives on the challenge to continually research & develop CCTV security solutions in order to meet customer needs and legal requirements.

What sets DigitalSi apart

The DigitalSi team is set apart by our technical experience.

Karl was even trained by an engineer from LG’s industrial network division in the late 90s when he was developing a digital video recorder capable of recording at 160 frames per second; a seriously high speed recorder for that time.

DigitalSi guarantees affordability as the product is delivered from the factory, to the warehouse, and straight to clients. We are one of the markets most price competitive firms, without compromising on quality. We also offer full finance options.

DigitalSi’s extensive product range ensures we have options for both high-end high definition mega pixel digital to entry level analogue CCTV solutions. The great thing is, once the system is installed, it is practically maintenance free.

DigitalSi has a friendly and professional sales team that services all of Australia.

To receive your obligation-free quote and discuss your business’s electronic security needs, contact DigitalSi today.

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